Must Wales remain poor?

With output per head in the Welsh economy at only 72% of the UK average, Wales remains the poorest part of the UK. Is that inevitable? What, if anything, can be done over the next decade to start to catch up?

The main objective of the Hodge economic research project will be to identify the best measures and policy options for triggering transformational change in the Welsh economy. Achieving a step change in our economic fortunes will require more than just another economic strategy report.

Wales will need to be ambitious in setting challenging targets, encouraging an entrepreneurial culture supportive of business growth and improving the targeting and execution of public policy.

Success will require collaborative working with both businesses and policy practitioners. Our aim is to work with both groups to develop a plan with a high degree of consensus that can lead to action.

The Future of the Welsh Economy: An Economic Research Project

The report includes:

  • Introduction
  • Institutions, Political Leadership and Economic Development
  • Economic Policy and the Growth Strategy
  • Achieving Balance in the Economy
  • Making it happen – An Engagement Strategy
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